Diego Ceballos

Experience Curator

Born and raised in Guadalajara in Jalisco Mexico, Diego aims to showcase the best his country has to offer and its rich culture to the world. Diego grew up playing soccer for endless hours and attended school in Guadalajara. He later studied for his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Australia and got the chance to explore this magnificent country filled with kind people and vast nature with multiple ecosystems, taking the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

Diego first came to the Riviera Maya in 2011 and fell in love with the region rich with lush jungle and incredible turquoise waters. He heard many stories about about area from his grandfather who’s from Merida in the Yucatan, his 100% Mayan father, and a 100% German mother who’d escaped to Mexico from her home country during the war. His grandfather lived his childhood here when it was almost a century away from becoming a tourist destination! Diego always knew one day he would live here.

Diego is confident that you’ll enjoy your trip to the Riviera Maya and with Maya Luxe. The staff will make sure your experience is unforgettable. Let this place bring you back here time and time again!

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Favorite Spot

I love the Tulum ruins. It’s like looking into the past and at one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world. I love to relax at the beach afterwards and snorkel the gorgeous reef.

Favorite Food

One of my favorites is a traditional Yucatecan food called cochinita pibil. It’s a very popular dish from southeast Mexico.

Favorite Villa

My favorite Maya Luxe villas are Quinta Clara in Playa del Carmen and Casa Lulu and Villa Amalfi in Tulum.  
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